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This is a site for me to share the small amount of knowledge and resources I have in High School level Social Science. I am a teacher in regional NSW Australia where I am privileged to be able to teach my students the wonderful subjects of Geography, Society & Culture, and Studies of Religion. I am also a proficent user of ICT in the classroom and love using it to help my studnets learn. I am also the Learning Technology Coordinator at my school where I help my staff intergrate technology in their classrooms, and I am a Highly Accomplished ICT Educator (HAICTE) for PLANE. Please feel free to download and use any resources I make available as they are all creative commons and do not be afraid to contact me if there are any questions or requests for resources, I love to share. Happy learning!

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This guy is the coolest geek in and out of this world!!

I will not let an exam result decide my fate


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Hi Folks,

Sorry about the limited traffic on my part lately. I have moved schools and changed roles (Technology funnily enough) and have not had time to fix some issues. I will endeavour to put up all my resources for Years 11 and 12 soon without any need to logon. I'm now at a Junior High School so I'll try and put some stage 4 and 5 resources up too.  See ya soon! :D

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