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This page is for teachers to download sample lessons and resources. I'll try and get more up sooner.

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Files back

Hi Folks, seems like when I updated my blog software and my server was migrated to a new machine, my files disappeared. Well, they're back. Happy sharing!:)

Geography Resources-Scribble Maps

This is an excellent resource for students (and teachers) to create their own maps. It would be good for the SGP and pre and post field work exercises. I've signed up for the free Pro version while it is still available. I've had lots of fun with it! Scribble Maps


I have a few units of work posted up here for HSC and preliminary Geography, and Preliminary Society and Culture. I'll keep posing more stuff up soon.

Natural Resources

Here is a unit on Natural Resources.


Cultural Intergration


Population Geography


Biophysical Interactions

The following is a unit of work I do using Mt Koscisuzko as an example.


Ecosystems at Risk

Here are my notes for ESAR, with THREE case studies attached Coastal Sand Dunes (Stockton), Coral Reefs (Great Barrier Reef), and Alpine Ecosystems (Kosciuszko National Park). They work in conjunction with a Web Resource I compiled.


People and Economic Activity- Aquaculture

The following are the resources I use for PEA- Aquaculture and the case study booklet when we visit the enterprise.


Urban Places Unit

The following is what I use for the Urban Places Unit.


Intercultural Communication

Download the zip file below to access my notes on the Intercultural Communication Unit


Personal and Social Identity Unit

The following is what I use for the Personal and Social Identity Unit.


Social and Cultural World Unit

The following is what I do for the Social and Cultural World Unit in Preliminary Society and Culture. Download the zip file below and edit to your hearts content.


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